6 Foot Minimum

People have in their minds a picture of what their soul mate physically captivates.

If you’re male, maybe you picture a woman with big boobs that entice your fetal instincts, take you back to the motherly nurturing you once felt, who cooks and cleans and can replace your mama without feeling completely inbred. Or maybe you picture Jenna Jameson who can give you tribal acceptance from your other cavemen beef heads, club her and drag her by her hair to your cave dwelling while grunting and ooga booga-ing your way there.

Women, maybe you picture a man, tall and heroic, that of a romance novel with ripped abs who can carry you piggy back out of a fire while tight roping across a canyon with a 10,000 foot drop- all without breaking a sweat. Maybe women picture a snorty, nerdy, sensitive, ninny of a man who wants to cry at steel magnolias while you hold him.

Whatever our ideals are for our perfect mate, we need to encompass that balance of what we desire versus what we deserve.
I’ve spent enough field work out in the dating world that I’ve concluded, I don’t want a short man. I’ve dated the short guy. I’ve dated the ninny, I’ve dating the hungry beef head. I’ve dated the mama-replacement guy…..
and I’m not impressed.

Thankfully, I got my tall, dashing hunk of a guy, who’s shown me a few of his moves that leads me to believe we’re a tight rope away from my happy happily ever after.

I hope you find yours too.

Best of luck out there!



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