The One Date Wonder

The One Date Wonder

The reign as “The One Date Wonder” is over, now that I have been in a relationship for 4 years. The Dating process was eventful and I have to say that my committed relationship status proves to be just as much.

I do not want to give up The One Date Wonder name as I feel it conveys my ability to express myself and to allow my creative juices to flow.

This is who I am.

I would love to tread upon the events that transpire behind the walls of Relationships, but due to my respect for Dream Guy, I will respectfully refrain from publishing.

I do not condone anyone who publically speaks out about Relationships or gives their opinion. Oftentimes, I will still read other’s stories and in some way, look to relate. I do feel that communicating the highs and lows of what we experience, can better our understandings and only promote further connection, especially between men and women.

So without giving up who I am, I still want to connect with others. I want to touch upon thoughts as well as my own experiences as I come into contact with many of you. Even my friends, who date today, still come to me with questions and concerns and we’re baffled together that even during my brief time dating, not much has changed.

So here’s to still trying to figure it out…..together.

~The One Date Wonder.



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