The Sara, SHH Moment

I thoroughly enjoy the Mother/Daughter moments I have with my precious daughter <3.

We had a Mother/Daughter date to the movies and on the drive there we were discussing random things and we got on the subject of Conflict. She said that she appreciates one of her teachers who holds each student accountable for their own behavior where as another teacher will punish the whole class and the conflicting feeling that comes with the situation can be quite unbearable.

I completely understand!

I am reminded of all the wonderful, strong, female friends I have who can stand up for themselves and am reminded how I often hide like a coward. I tell my daughter a story about my friend, Sara.

It was opening night of The Lord of The Rings and we were in a packed theater. There wasn’t an empty seat from what I could tell. In the middle of the movie, the person next to Sara began talking on their phone! “Yeah, yeah, Bertha, I’m watching LOTR…..” I’ve known Sara for quite a long time to know that when she is involved with something, there can’t be any distractions. I am well aware of movie theater etiquette and don’t see myself as the vigilante of the theater if someone choses to talk loudly or bring their chatty kids with them. Sara, unlike me, turns her head to the person sitting right next to her and says, “SHH!” The person puts away their phone and Sara is happy and involved back in the film.

I am clenched and tense! Sara was in the right to shush someone who was being disturbing to others. But the mere thought of the effects that person could have, is paralyzing! I know I don’t feel brave to do what Sara did, but hope my daughter learned from my awesome friend.

My daughter and I have a laugh over the memories I have, bonding in our shared similiarities.

We can often find ourselves in moments of conflict and although, I still run and hide, there’s an imprint of Sara in me. I hope to rise and channel my own “Sara, SHH Moment!”

For a visual example of poor movie etiquette please view the scene from Scary Movie. Enjoy!



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