Listening to the radio one morning, a caller was discussing how her friend was dating someone who was a total douche and no one in her circle of friends spoke up about the guy who just wasn’t right for her.

Made me think of my own personal experience……

I was with someone and after the relationship ended, numerous people admitted that they did not like the person I chose to be with. Some of the red flags to my friends and family members were able to disclose to me after the fact was that his personality was “too controlling” and he was always on the defensive. More than one person said he gave off a “gay vibe.”

Looking back, I realized this guy was a rotten choice but it bothered me that people I trusted was not openly honest with me. I asked my mother why she didn’t speak up about her thoughts on that guy.

“You wouldn’t have listened anyway.”

I wouldn’t?

I respect insight. I value the opportunities to learn and to grow and hope that any persons speaking honestly can do so respectfully.

Have you shared a similar experience? Tell me your story of dating someone that didn’t meet the approval of your friends and family.

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. ~Epictetus



2 thoughts on “Douchebags

  1. Non of my friends liked my ex! 1 or 2 actually told me straight out but I was in this fog and I couldn’t see past the tall, dark and handsome guy in front of me. So glad I finally got out of the hell hole and my friends believe I should have left him 9 months ago. I agree! Such an ass!


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