The Halloween Outcast

The elementary school I attended held an annual Halloween Parade where students and teachers dressed up and each class marched in front of the entire school.

I didn’t participate.

7 years old Valerie reasoned that dressing up in front of everyone would feel embarrassing.

Halloween has become the most important holiday for me and the kids. I have found my comfortable niche in life and I am content.

I was asked to attend a Halloween party and its 98% strangers. So I have the opportunity to meet people in the town I will soon be living.

Opportunity? Hmmm



I weigh the pros and cons. The pros are obviously that I can meet new people and spend time with a person I care about. The con is that my kids will not be allowed to attend. This factor alone means that I will be missing the two main ingredients that make this holiday what it is! I will be dressing up in front of people I don’t know and parading about like the days of elementary school……

7 year old Valerie emerges once again!

Why am I all of a sudden engulfed with panic, anxiety and embarrassment?!?! I am not 7 yrs old but embarrassment is as old as time and feels the same.

I declined the invite and will rock a party that is kid friendly! I will enjoy myself with my wolf-daughter and zombified- son but will have to further analyze the inner workings of my mind to try to understand why I would feel embarrassed to dress up and parade about in front of people I don’t know.

Is it so hard to do what everyone else is doing????????



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