Technology makes it easier than ever to put yourself out there. It’s also easy for rejections.

Where did he go?

A potential date was on your Facebook page yesterday. You thought there was a connection and was ready to upgrade from the dating profile to a more social network. Everything seemed on the right track when he accepted your friend request, but now he’s Houdini: now you see him, now you don’t!

You are left wondering why.

Rejection, in any form, is unsettling. Why is it more common for someone to ignore you rather than be upfront about not seeing you again?

When it comes to dating or relationships, I have never been so baffled.

I am interested in hearing about your rejection stories. Tell me the creative ways you have been rejected or how you have had to let someone go!

My book is now available on iTunes, just search “Valerie Lambert” or “The One Date Wonder.

The One Date Wonder




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