I Love My Grandfather

If there is one man who knew it all, it was my grandpa. I turned to him a lot over the years. He was able to solve any problem with precision and ease. I admired his business-like approach because I was always frantic and a mess.

He was cool like that.

Grandparents are awesome.

MY grandparents are awesome.
My Granny swimming with us grandkids in the pool was better than any water park. Bologna and cheese sandwiches tastes BETTER at their house than at mine. We ate ice cream FIRST, then had dinner. Granny always rode roller coasters with her hands up….and front seat! Grandpa had the cheesiest jokes but dammit if he didn’t fight back a smile when I had one even cheesier……

But that’s what I loved. I loved trying to make him smile because no matter what, his eyes sparkled with happiness.

Granny has a way of making every time a good time! She is full of stories of good times and it makes you feel like you are right there. We have those full belly laughs together and those are the best kinds to have!

No matter what, their house is the place to go where everything will be alright.

During a time in my early adulthood, I found myself in a very depressing and confusing place. I was an emotional wreck and the first place I went to was my grandparents house.

We watched movies, we ate, we laughed. I forgot about everything for a few hours and had a great time. Then, when I couldn’t contain my composure any longer, I cried.

And grandpa cried with me.

It meant a lot to me.

Today, he passed away.

Yesterday, I was able to sit alone with him in the hospital, stroke his soft hair and hold his warm hand. I don’t understand it medically, but I hope he felt my presence. When I opened my mouth to tell him the stupidest joke I knew, I choked out “please wake up.”
I wanted him to sit up and ask for some banana puddin’. I wanted to hear him say again, “Hello, Valerie, this is your grandfather…..” Which was his greeting over the phone everytime he called.

The last time I spoke with him on the phone, it was his birthday. He said he was 84. I told him that he should be proud of that. He said, “I’m old, but I’m still good looking.”

I think I get my sense of humor from him.

And my good looks!

I’ll keep with me his words of wisdom…. the secrets to a long life: take your medication, have a beer now and again, and make love!

I hope to see you again, Grandpa!!


Listening to Tony Bennett:
Because of You

Because of you
there’s a song in my heart
Because of you
my romance had its start
Because of you the sun will shine
The moon and stars
will say you’re mine
Forever and never to part

I only live for your love and your kiss
It’s paradise to be near you like this
Because of you
my life is now worth while
And I can smile
Because of you

I only live for your love and your kiss
It’s paradise to be near you like this
Because of you
my life is now worth while
And I can smile
Because of you

“Let virtue and goodness be perfected in every way.” Bardo Thodol


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