Dating Creativity


Once upon a time, I was dating someone……grading him in aspects such as wit and looks, he was quite impressive. But when it came to the subject of Creativity, he failed.


When I noticed most of the dating activities we participated in came from ideas that I had come up with, I decided to bring it up.

But all I got was excuses.

I questioned his prior dating experiences, “have you ever dated a girl before me?”

I was being sarcastic and by the fiery haze in his eyes, it stung too. He divulged numerous dating scenarios from his past.

A-Ha!!!! He DOES have the brain capacity to aspire and impress a girl he liked!!!!!!

Valentine’s Day comes but once a year, yet I am constantly reminded of the lack of creativity men have shown the last 364 days prior.

Let’s not be lazy.

Time to step up your game.

Listening to : Aretha Franklin – Think


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