I remember the moment I said “I do” just how unsatisfied and trapped I felt. I vowed I would never feel that again the moment I became divorced.

Things change. People change. We adapt to our circumstance and as a result, many relationships grow apart. Animosity grows. Anger can keep you awake at night.

But it’s ME who I am upset with. I am mad at myself that I opened myself up, became vulnerable, and forgot that it’s not my partners responsibility to make me happy.


I am furious that I forgot to cater to the divine individual I am.

I am continuously learning of relationships, through my own personal experience or through observing others.

Never wait for someone else to make you feel good about yourself. Look in the mirror and give yourself a wink, hot stuff. Enjoy a latte at a local bookstore. Gift yourself a pedicure and a new outfit!

Buy yourself some beautiful flowers…….


Make yourself feel amazing every day!!


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