Date Yourself

The first advice I received when I was divorced, “Date Yourself.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t. I jumped right into another relationship. It was all kinds of awful in it’s own way, but after relationship #2, I did date myself. And to this day, it was the best relationship I had ever been in.

I traveled to Mexico. I saw dolphins swimming and jumping in the Gulf of Mexico, I took an 11 hr road trip. I took a nap in a hammock. I colored my hair for the first time and DARK.

The point is, I felt LIBERATED. I felt so free and felt so much like myself. I miss myself.

Recently, I jumped too fast into the world of Internet Dating and I know I am not ready. A reprise of the guy who tried to shove my head in his crotch has really turned me off. Talking to a guy who two weeks later, is now “in a relationship” just moves too fast for me. There is one silver lining though. One guy from my dating past, who was sexy, funny, charming and did I mention sexy, has made it known to me that he is indeed single. Even though things ended on good terms, I deserve to be with ME, first.

I cannot abandon what I know I desperately need for myself. I have put others first and I need to cultivate my wishes and wants for once . I put so much hope and desire that someone else wanted to spend time with me, that I need to commit back to putting myself at the forefront.

So now, I am feeling awakened to the possibility of being myself all over again. I have found that anytime I am upset, a change of scenery is my therapy. Just to breathe. Like my first trip to Mexico, my winter vacation in DC, or my summer in TN…. This year, I have endured the biggest heartbreak of my life and I am taking myself out of the country! Thailand to be exact. I have been invited numerous times and have always held off bc of money, time, and feeling like I need to put everyone else before me. There was always some excuse.

2015 is the year where I will start new. No more excuse to putting Valerie closer to the head of the line. Taking care of my health, taking care of my own needs and doing MORE of the things I dearly love.

My Date Yourself list will grow as time goes but so far I have taken myself to the virtual library and read two books this year. I am going to Thailand, I have a hot date with me, myself and I to see 50 Shades of Grey in February and I have a cross Ohio trip planned on bicycle!

I am making 2015 all about dating yourself. Let’s face it, no matter what relationship I have been in, I am the BEST I have ever had…….

Viva La Valerie!






One thought on “Date Yourself

  1. I love this!!! It is sooo true! I’m also on this journey of self-love. After a horrid relationship, something just clicked and I’ve been dating myself for a month now 🙂 it’s the best decision I ever made.


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