Heartbreak Soundtrack

Paloma Faith sings “Only Love Can Hurt Like This.” I, too,  crumble…..

But it’s not from Love.

Love is a wonderful feeling. I can still remember the first moment when I felt it. I can remember when You first said it. I can account for all the times that You and I made perfect sense and for all those heartfelt times when You didn’t make any sense to me. Love doesn’t cause those harrowing memories. The opposite of Love can impact so deeply that you find yourself emotionally impaired. Not even the Love I felt could save You.

Writing helps. But even I can’t always find the words. So I turn to Music.

Certain songs take me back to a particular time and feeling in my life. It has become my refuge in moments where I need someone else’s words and vocals to echo my pain. Some songs have the power to uplift and inspire.

My breakup is so recent that I am still smiling through the heartache. Like a good girl would do. I know it won’t last forever but in an effort to mend and strengthen, this will be my last personal post on the matter. I know that through pain can come inspiration and I have often said some of my greatest lessons came from my greatest failures. I feel beautiful things can come from my darkest moments.

No Mud, No Lotus


As I write, I am inspired to share my own Heartbreak Soundtrack. Some songs have really touched me, some songs have empowered me to hold my head up high. All have been very therapeutic and assisted in unraveling the ups and downs that come with a relationship as well as the unfortunate and arduous demise.


1. Rascall Flatts – What hurts the most
2. Amy Lee – You
3. Lily Allen – Not Fair
4. Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One
5. Paloma Faith – Can’t Rely On You
6. Karmin – Acapella
7. Evanescence – Everybody’s Fool
8. Usher – U Got It Bad
9. Aretha Franklin – Never Loved A Man (The Way I Loved You)
10. Florence And The Machine – Heavy In Your Arms
11. Katherine McPhee – Neglected
12. Nicole Scherzinger – Don’t Hold Your Breath
13. Lana Del Rey – Video Game
14. Lifehouse – It Is What It Is
15. Mary J. Blige – Not Gon Cry
16. P!nk – Try
17. Plumb – Cut
18. A Fine Frenzy –  Almost Lover
19. Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You
20. Avenged Sevenfold – So Far Away
21. Killswitch Engage – My Curse
22. Irene And Reed – Even With Closed Eyes
23. Irene And Reed – Not Lonely Anymore


Thanks for listening.



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