Happy V Day!

Valentine’s Day.

I celebrate it because the teachers in elementary school told us we had to give everyone in the class a Valentine’s Day card.

Students I never talked to. Girls that made fun of me. Boys that were icky. Didn’t matter. Kids I ignored just like they ignored me, gave each other a small sentiment from the commands of our teachers.


I mechanically obey this ritual for years. It stopped in Jr. high and High School. I never had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day up to that point. When I was married, I’m trying to recall any special sentiments that were given to me. I don’t ,but like a plagued bankruptcy where it lingers on your credit history for nearly a decade, I’m going to consider any attempted gratitudes forgettable on the grounds of time and abuse.

The last Valentine’s Day gift I can remember came from my ex- The Wanna Be Cop. A beautiful card with a $1200 check that he owed me for his Cop Training School.

Oh. How. Sweet.

I gave up getting any sort of specialness on the day designed for it. I don’t want someone to feel forced to do it. Or be unoriginal with chocolates and roses or proposals—-it loses meaning.

It’s cliche.

The next man, should there be one, I challenge. I have yet to hear, see, experience a knock-me-off-my-feet kind of guy. All have been simple, lacking romance and action that fervor any heat and element of surprise.

I look to be surprised. But let me know ahead of time 😉

So today, on this Valentine’s Day…..I received a couple “happy V days” from my thoughtful colleagues, texts from friends and the best gift everrrrrrrrr from my BFF…..


A beautifully made scarf in purple- my fave color and the best most cherished gift anyone who knows me could ever give me……Chapstick!!!!!

The bar has been raised.

Happy Valentine’s Day. And I say this not because anyone told me to. This year, for the first time….I actually mean it.


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