Relationship Soundtrack

A song can remind me of a memory, an emotion or even represent a particular time of my life. 

Some songs take me back to the guy I dated or reminds me of a particular moment we shared. 

Here are some songs that bring back some memories.

1. “Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind
2. “If You’re Gone” by Matchbox 20
3. “This Love” Maroon 5
4.“Love of a Lifetime” Firehouse
5.“Fall For You” Secondhand Serenade
6. “You Remind Me Of Something” R.Kelly
7. “Rompe” Daddy Yankee
8. “Barbie Girl” Aqua
9. “Even Flow” Pearl Jam
10. “From Yesterday” 30 Seconds To Mars
11. “Forever” Papa Roach 

“Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind

The first boy I went out with, I remember him driving me on the interstate in his little car with the windows down on a hot summer day listening to this song. He and I had just graduated high school and this song makes me feel as fresh and free as that day I heard it. I can still see him, his hair blowing in the wind, singing “Do Do Dooo!”

“If You’re Gone” by Matchbox 20

This song reminds me of driving home from the casino with my ex. It was not a good time in our relationship, I wonder if he realized how fucked up our relationship really was. For all the things that went wrong, my ex played this song for me. It’s quite a relaxing song to me, reminding me how much at peace I felt that I truly knew there was no repairing the damage that had been done.

“This Love” Maroon 5

When I caught my ex cheating, this song was playing. Hook, Line, Sinker! This song makes me feel like I found my freedom all over again! I remember dancing in my basement while singing, “She said…goodbye!!” My Unhappily Ever After was going to turn into my Happily Ever After…..

 “Love of a Lifetime” Firehouse

I had a lot of feels when it comes to the guy that this song reminds me of. He had a big love for 80s and techno music. Emotions were strong when this song played and we held hands in the car. I remember slow dancing with him at the club. Wow. This was the first feel good love song I had. Let those endorphins flow! 

“Fall For You” Secondhand Serenade

Dream Guy asked me to listen to this song and a short time later, we gave it another go. It was great the first time around and I think this was his subtle way of letting me know he was falling for me all over again. This reminds me of a hopeful time in my life.

 “You Remind Me Of Something” R.Kelly

I would never describe myself as “popular” or “cool,” but that’s how I would describe the Smart Sideburns guy that made too quick of a departure. There will be more on him later. A side B reprise, so to speak ::wink wink::

 “Rompe” Daddy Yankee

I went to a Reds game and one of the players stepped to the plate and this song was playing. The guy who I was with started singing this song. I had never heard it before but liked it immediately. This song reminds me of that hot summer baseball game, hooters and the guy that had some pretty shitty luck for the rest of his days.

“Barbie Girl” Aqua

I loved this song in 1997 but it reminds me of kissing a guy who I would label as my worst kiss ever.

“Even Flow” Pearl Jam

I can’t say I particularly like this song but the guy I dated sure did. I remember him smiling and connecting his own memory with friends while jamming to this tune. This time in my life, I had no friends and wanted to absorb from him the ability to find my own happiness and connections in life. He had his heart set on healing and I did too.

“From Yesterday” 30 Seconds To Mars

When MySpace added music, this was Dream Guy’s song. It was the first of many songs that make me think of him.

“Forever” Papa Roach

If there is ever someone in your life that you left with unfinished business…..this song represents him. This was his ringtone. We have stayed in contact here and there since the last time I saw him. We are both single and he has put the ball in my court that if I’m ready, he’s ready.


Put your relationship soundtrack out there. What songs remind you of YOUR exes?


For more personal musical soundtracks, Click here for my compilation of songs that helped me through a heartbreak.


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