Empty Tank

First off, I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR since my last blog post!!! That just proves how antisocial I have become!!!

Being single doesn’t leave much room to write inspiring and humorous tales of dating because I don’t date!!! I’ve tried perusing through Tinder and POF like I was window shopping for a new man outfit. But I don’t feel like meeting anybody. FUCK OFF must seriously be inscribed on my forehead.

 My last relationship ended nearly 4 years ago. I believe for myself that it takes half the length of a relationship to truly “heal” or “get over” a breakup. (7yrs/2=3.5) That’s the formula that I’ve tried to follow. Enough time has passed but I am not even close to wanting to meet anyone. I honestly believe I worked too hard to want to start over again with someone else. Back when I had the dating stamina, I didn’t mind telling my story over and over again hoping to connect with someone. Now I’m all out of fucks to give.


The anti-dating feeling is strong.

 I’m sure the perseverance depleted when my last long term relationship did. It’s the idea of starting all over again that makes me die a little on the inside. The idea of telling my story, who I am, how I got here…If I was a car, my tank is on E. 


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